Money Coaches

Meet our Coaches

Connecting a face to a voice is always a good thing when you are sharing financial information over the phone. Take a moment to meet our featured coaches, or view the Money Coach you are already working with.

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MSA Wallet

No more surprises. See all of your accounts, investments, bills, cash flow and budgets in one place. You will have a clear picture of what's coming in and what's going out 24/7, so staying on track is easy.

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A Few of Our Partners

I look forward to our conversations.

“I have been horrible about keeping up with a budget, and my finances have been stressful. [My Money Coach] has helped me truly monitor and analyze my spending and think about money long term and not month to month. [My Money Coach] has been great holding me accountable. I love that he can relate to me as far as being married and trying to get my spouse on board with being more financially responsible. I look forward to our conversations.”

The quest for financial health

“I was very scattered and very unsure of my financial health when I first signed up with MSA.... [My Money Coach] has been a terrific cheerleader on my quest for financial health. Getting this stuff done is tough with my three jobs, and her encouragement has made it possible. Meaning yes, it would be impossible without her. I am blown away by her ability to come up with numbers that match my situation, whatever that may be in our conversation...“

Learn what's going wrong and how to fix it

“Prior to being with MSA, I spent money with no real idea of following a budget or tracking my spending. I always seemed to be struggling to make ends meet and really couldn't understand exactly what I was doing wrong. My financial coach and MSA helped me create a usable and workable budget. (It might not sound like that big of a deal, but it is!) ….Now that I am aware of it, I am spending less, and working towards my goals to be more financially secure.“

Get back in charge

“You have been an absolute God send. You’re an 'angel on my shoulder', and the tools and encouragement you’ve given me have put me back in charge of my finances.“